This is a place to learn, study, and practice Japanese.  I figured this may leave out our Japanese friends who may want to learn English.


So, This will be the place to give brief English Study Session’s for anyone looking to learn English and English grammar.


Together We can Learn Japanese but as native speakers of English We can help to teach English to others who want to Learn.


Please contribute  any lesson’s, post, grammar points ,even English comic’s.  Break down the grammar point’s  to our Japanese friends. We can all share together to help us learn.

レッスン、ポスト、文法、英語の漫画なども投稿してください。 文法のポイントを日本人の友達に分けます。 私たちはすべて一緒に分かち合い、私たちが学ぶのを助けます

みなさま 頑張りましょう

じゃあ また

Contribute to the Study Session