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Learn the が Particle

Today we will study the が,Ga particle. We will study the different uses of this particle to  learn Japanese Together.



が、ga is the subject marking particle. It can become confusing at times because は ha read as wa in sentences is the topic marking particle. In English sometimes the topic and subject becomes interchangeable.

So today we will try to demystify the ga particle by studying it’s uses.

がga can be used to emphasize the subject and at times the topic.

がga can represent something that exist both animate and inanimate.  We can read theses sentences as There is, were, as, and are something.


ナックルダスターがあります。There is a Knuckle Dusters。(nakkurudasuta- ga arimasu) “Brass Knukles”

There exist a Brass Knuckle.

We see we used the masu form of aruある to  differentiate between an inanimate and animate object.

If you wanted to say “I have Brass Knuckles”.  You can use は to specify the topic while the object is still the subject of the sentence.

私はナックルダスターがあります ーI have knuckle Dusters(Brass Knuckles)

same pattern can be used for iru verb as well


忍びがいますー There Is a Ninja.  (shinobi ga imasu)

We are establishing here that there exist a ninja who is a person. In this panel Gaara is the ninja who exist.

が、Ga also establishes a want, or need, an ability or an opnion.

Bleach Manga.jpg

映画が好きですー I like movies (eiga ga sukidesu)

The ga comes after the thing you like or want with the adjective telling the listener what is is the person may like or may not like.

いちごは本が嫌いですーIchigo  hate’s books

You can also use this form for things you do not like. (I love books  by the way)

Let’s continue



スタンドが使えますー I can use a stand (sutando ga tsukaemasu)

Mentioned before you take the subject add gaが and use the verb to establishes the ability that you can perform.

With the Potential Form You use が Similar to the fashion of を The difference  changes the meaning of the sentence.

スタンドが使えます I can use a Stand   スタンドを使います I Use Stands。The potential conveying to the listener the ability one can perform and since が marks an ability one can perform we need to use the ga/がparticle.

Also you can see the form of the verb is different.

スタンドを使います  We used the を Particle with the masu form of the verb to use 使う/つかう。使います。But with the が Particle we change the verb into the Potential form.

For more of the potential form which we studied earlier, click here .

Ga also used after noun phrases and certain pronouns.



ゆじろは誰が破りますか。。。。。。。埼玉は破ることができます (yujiro wa dare ga yaburimasu ka …….. saitamawa yaburu koto ga dekimasu)

Who can defeat Yujiro………Saitama can do it.

The ga comes after the pronoun so in this form we will use ga not ha

koto ga dekimasu/ことができます  is the masu form of koto ga dekiru/ことができる. This  form establishes “can and able to”.

To connect this form

Verb in dicitonary from + ことができる

Noun + ができる

Ga can modfy a noun with an adjective.



ゾッどは背が高いですーZodd is Tall. (zoddo wa se ga takaidesu)

This form is used differently then normal formation of an adjective

赤いりんごーRed Appleー Here the い adjective just goes directly next to the noun.

静かの彼女ですー The quiet girl. ー Here we have a な Adjective and we use the の Particle to connect the adjective and noun.

がGa is used for the five sensesd92a6fb0589a68862974fcf155eb9710050fd148_hq.jpg

心が聞こえりますー I can hear your heart. (kokoro ga kikoerimasu)

The が follows the noun in this case we see the potential form of the verb to listen.

Simpler sentence for senses would be

悪い匂いがする。ーIt smells bad。 We have the noun for bad smell add ga and use the irregular verb suru which means to do. You are doing the action of smelling the bad odor.

Last for part one we have ga with gotoku which means as if or like

龍が如く ”Like a dragon” In America this is the game called “Yakuza”. (ryu ga gotoku)

So ga follows the noun add ga and use gotoku when refering to something that is like or seems like something else.


烈火さんは忍者が如くだーRecca san wa ninja ga gotoku da

This is very informal but it means Recca is like a ninja or Recca is the same as a ninja.

Of course we find out that Recca is the son of a ninja master in the manga Flame of Recca (.烈火の炎)


If I have made any mistakes let me know in the comments below.

Contribute any more grammar points you think matches with this session.

Also Look out for part 2 of the ga particle study session.

I am not an expert or a Teacher this is a study session so I need you to contribute.

みなさま 頑張りましょう

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