Today we will study the form. くらい、ぐらい。We will use an excerpt from 神様、キサマを殺したい 、Kamisama、Kisama o koroshitai to try and learn Japanese Together.


ああ 5日くらい前に買いに来たよ   (雨が降ってたなあ)

Aa.. He came in and purchased about 5 days ago. (It was raining, wasn’t it)

よし .        やった

Yes .. I Found him(I did it)


Who is this Person?




It’s Yamashita


I stopped into the store where the person in the photo bought the cow costume.

防犯カメラも確認しましたが     13〜17歳くらいの少年です

He was caught by the surveillance camera…. He is a boy around 13-17 years old.

こんにちは みんなさん

今日は 私たちが 新し文法を勉強出来ます

Hey Today we will study a new grammar pattern

Today we will studyくらい/ぐらい kurai/gurai

くらい/ぐらいkurai/gurai- gives an approximation, about.

We can use this to ask questions about time and distance.


How Long does it take from Tokyo to New York?


I takes about 14 hours to get to New York by Plane。



We see in the dialogue that 山下 Is giving his boss an approximation of the age of the kid they are searching for.



He is a boy of around 13-17 years of age. 山下さん, is not sure of the actual age he is giving an approximation of the range  of the boys age.

Time we can also use this form to display time.



He came in to purchase (that costume) about 5 days ago。

So we know that he came to the store about 5 days ago. So we can use this form if we can not give an exact time.


We can even use this form to ask about the cost for an item? Mostly everyone knows how to ask How much something cost. いくらですか (How much is it?)


About how much is it  from Tokyo to New York by plane?

Okay every one, I know this is a short session but it doesn’t have to be. Contribute in the comments below, If there are any mistakes that need to be corrected, or if there are more examples you can think of.

There are more uses for this from. I will explain the other uses in an later post.

みなさま 頑張りましょう

じゃあ また


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    1. Thank You for the Support!! There are more uses for this form. I will make another post linking to the other uses. The other uses are similar to different grammar form so it’s easier to explain them in that way for me.
      I’m also a learner so If there are any different grammar point for Japanese anything it doesn’t matter I’d love to hear them. I want to make this blog a community for everyone to contribute.

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